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Quality evaluation

Lawrence consulting is a boutique evaluation consulting firm providing quality educational research and evaluation services to some of the worlds premier education initiatives.

Careful & Responsive
Program Evaluation

We are a boutique firm working with a small number of contracts with staff dedicated to each project. Our model ensures that we work hard to understand the complexities of your particular study.

Program Impact

Documenting the scope and scale of program outreach.

Program Evaluation

Planning and conducting randomized trials.

Fidelity of Implementation

Specialists in interpreting how program fidelity measures index impact.

Recent Projects

  • Project : Improving the Accuracy of Academic Vocabulary Assessment for English Language Learners
  • Client : University of Houston
  • Funder : Institute of Educational Sciences
  • Project : The research of Xinjiang Uyghur Young Children’s Chinese emergent literacy development
  • Client : East Chinese Normal University
  • Funder : The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
  • Project : School Reform Initiative Scope of Impact Evaluation
  • Client : School Reform Initiative
  • Funder : Bay and Paul Foundation
  • Project : Randomized Trial of Vocabulary Program
  • Client : Harvard University
  • Funder : Institute for Educational Sciences


Harvard University

Project: Word Generation Randomized Trial

For Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, Lawrence Consulting completed a two-year sub-contract to analyze data from a randomized trial of the Word Generation Program. We supervised data cleaning and merging and used these data to answer research questions about impacts, subgroup analyses, longitudinal growth on the experimental measures, interrelationships among those measures and how impact was mediated through other level-one or level-two variables. In collaboration with the PI (Catherine Snow), we compared approaches to analyzing measures of fidelity of implementation and used these measures to account for heterogeneity in program impact. Deliverables for this work included an assessment plan that identified target items to be used for each research question, preliminary descriptive and exploratory analyses, impact analysis including finished APA formatted tables prepared for publication, longitudinal analysis including formatted tables and prototypical plots prepared for publication, composition of the methods section of all papers with explicit description of the meaning of each parameter used in the selected multilevel model and rationale for the model, composition of the results section with reference to the parameter estimates in the statistical models, and drafting the literature review and discussion sections.

I have trained them, and will consult with them on a weekly basis, will review the data sets the produce, and will then use those data sets in analyses designed to answer our basic research questions about impacts, subgroup analyses, longitudinal growth on the experimental measures, interrelationships among those measures and how and if impact is mediated through other level-one or level two variables. Details.

The School Reform Initiative

Scope of Impact Evaluation

For the School Reform Initiative, Lawrence Consulting conducted a program impact evaluation to determine the number of schools and students impacted by SRI. We created a national sampling plan, conducted interviews with national coaching staff, conducted document analyses of relevant participant roles, and extrapolated these data to estimate the 5 year national impact of the organization. Data tables and graphs presented the impact of the organization at the school and state level and indicated that the organization had a far greater reach into school districts serving children from low-SES families than anticipated. The white paper produced was used in subsequent funded grant applications.

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